CMV Qualifications

Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV) qualifications are based on qualifying the student driver for a driving position with a network trucking company. This means a new truck driver has to meet both the basic hiring criteria of the network trucking company and the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) regulations for CDL drivers.

Each driver application will be reviewed personally and individually for qualification. A number of other factors that may be reviewed could involve your driving record (also known as a motor vehicle report or MVR); criminal convictions and previous work history.  The Department of Transport has also established criteria to determine qualifications and compliance to obtain a CDL including the capacity to meet the DOT physical and drug screen requirements.

Along with the background requirements, but a driver must be able and willing to perform the duties of the job. That includes driving, keeping an accurate log book, being able to couple and uncouple a trailer and, when applicable, assist with the loading or unloading of the trailer.

Though it is not possible to list every qualification, here are some of the basic truck driver training qualifications:

   ·   At least 21 years of age

   ·   No convictions for a DUI (drug or alcohol-related) offense in the last 5 years

   ·   No more than one DUI (drug or alcohol-related) offense in a lifetime

   ·   Must hold a valid U.S. driver's license for one year

   ·   Must have a U.S. residential address within the hiring area

   ·   Ability to pass a DOT physical, DOT drug screen, and meet FMCSA rules