Drug & Alcohol Testing

There could be potential risks hidden among your workforce – help protect your organization with drug and health screening solutions from Safe-T-Works. Througha  comprehensive DATIA accredited solution and full-service offering for drug testing, alcohol testing and physical examinations, you can help ensure a safer and more productive workplace. 

To accommodate all of your drug and health screening needs, we offer a wide range of solutions that include multiple panel, lab-based and instant drug tests, instant and lab-based alcohol tests, and physical examination services. Our drug and alcohol screening solutions are designed to meet your drug-free workplace requirements for health and safety standards, while also helping you maintain compliance with any applicable government regulations and industry standards as required. 

We also offer a wide range of convenient DATIA certified collection options to administer your tests, and can provide on-site collection at your facility, as well as at over 25,000 other partner labs for your convenience and nationwide coverage. Our certified Medical Review Officer services can provide complete confidential review of positive results and provide protection for your company against infringement of the American Disabilities Act and HIPPA.

By offering the full range of testing options at the highest possible industry standards, Safe-T-Works can be your partner in simplifying the testing method choices and administration, so that you can concentrate on the strategic direction and effectiveness of your program.