Pre-Employment Physicals

Employee physicals are designed to evaluate your employee’s health and their fit for work status. Most physicals capture the individual’s vital signs, past medical history, allergy information, and social history data. Our medical experts are specifically trained to understand and perform these procedures in accordance to state and federal regulations as well as your unique business needs. Depending on the industry and your company's requirements, these exams can be done for pre-employment or regularly every year.

Our pre-employment physicals can include:

  ·  Regulatory and Compliance Examinations - establish a medical baseline for employees according to certain regulations
     (DOT, DHHS, OSHA, etc.), and include periodic medical monitoring when indicated.

  ·  Fitness-For-Duty Examinations - confirm that employees returning from medical leave can perform their job duties.

  ·  Executive Wellness Examinations - establish baseline medical information as part of companies’ voluntary health and
     wellness initiatives.

  ·  Health Risk Assessments - confirm the biometric numbers/scores of employees as part of long-term health and wellness,
     and indicate potential areas of health risk.